• To brief, the foundry has 2 different lines, in one line we manufacture high volume parts in a new technology Tower furnace which gives uninterrupted metal continuously & consistently 24×7,365 days a year. The GDC platform on the Tower furnace has 22 machines (static & Tilt pour) & GDC dies running to full capacity manufacturing 4MT a day (100 MT per month). Here we manufacture parts weighing 110 grams to 500 grams & volumes of 10,000 nos to 100,000 nos per month
  • The other line comprises of 30 machines (static & tilt pour) to make castings in batch sizes of 50 to 5000 nos per month manufacturing 100 MT per month. Here we manufacture parts weighing from 1 kg to 30 kg & length of 1000 mm & all cored castings with shell cores which are hollow to reduce weight & improve the quality & cost.
Foundry Infrastructure at a glance
Line no 1NosLine no 02Nos
Tower Furnace 1Melting Furnace 04
Belt polishing 08Holding Furnacce08
Gate cutting 05GDC Static22
GDC Static 14GDC Tilt Pour08
GDC Tilt pour 08Gate Cutting & SPM04
Heat Treatment(T5&T6) 02Belt Polishing06
(100 Kg Capacity)01HT(1000kg)(T5 & T6)02
(500 kg capacity)01Thermal Decoring (500 kg)01
Shot Blasting02Millipore 01

Machine Shop

The machine shop is also built with a LEAN layout by doing value stream mapping & maintain a sequential flow for better productivity & consistency. The machine shop comprises of 10 CNC Machines & 17 VMC machines which are well equipped with 4th axis & rotary & linear pallet changers as per the part requirement. This is clubbed up with the latest IMPREGNATION plant with pressure vessel & rotary wash for better sealing & cleaning purpose. There are 9 leak testing machines to check for any leak in casting with pressure bar at 140 PSI. Similarly dedicated casting cleaning machines are provided after machining & before packaging to send cleaner & dust free parts to customer. All cored parts are tested with Millipore before shipments.

Machine shop MachiningNos
CNC Turning 10
VMC with 4th axis 15
VMC Rotary pallet changer01
VMC Linear pallet changer01
SPM Machines06
Drilling & chamfering 04
Cleaning Machines 02

Inspecction Area

Commenced its operations in 1992 at Kolhapur.
Today, we manufacture Aluminium GDC / HPDC Components and Machine CI & Steel Components.